The World School Cabrera Hub

The World School Hub ~ Cabrera...a place where families can find community.

We are excited to announce that our Hub will be opening in April 2020 along with our new year-round, democratic, nature based, and child centered preschool. 

We believe in the power of community, bringing people together who share similar values and interests is very important to us. We envision our hub building connections by:

  • sponsoring local Dominican students, providing them with affordable access to an alternative way of learning and being
  • providing local, expat, and worldschool students a safe space to play, follow their curiosity and simply be children
  • giving parents a space where they can meet other worldschooling families and members of the local community
  • offering a space to host workshops and extra curricular events
  • constantly expanding based on the needs of those within our community

The World School has been created to meet the growing demand for educational opportunities other than traditional schools and overly academic preschools.

The connections that our students will build with themselves, others, and nature are of vital importance. These connections can move them to become more compassionate, aware and intentional regarding their impact on the world. We believe this will trigger a powerful and positive ripple effect that will touch countless lives. We desire to provide a space for children to become deeply caring individuals.

We are currently in our fundraising phase to raise money for our building, resources, and salaries for local Dominican teachers.  You can contribute directly via PayPal or our gofundme at