Our Educational Approach


Our Educational Approach


We are a new kind of school that combines aspects of several different learning approaches.


Self-Directed Education

Self-direction is an approach to life and learning that involves connection with and listening to the self, combined with a sense of personal empowerment to explore that insight. It places the responsibility for learning and education with the learner themself, rather than an external figure of authority such as a teacher. Self-direction is an approach that seeks to enable a person to be in greatest alignment with their own sense of purpose and drives. 


Democratic Schools

Democratic education seeks to make democratic practice an embedded part of a culture/community. At The World School we practice democratic principles through our weekly meetings and group decision making processes, through our interest in learning all sides and voices within our community, and work towards reaching consensus based solutions to problems when that is required. Everyone in the community matters and everyone has a voice. We differ from democratic schools in some ways because our students are not involved in school administration (finance, budgeting, hiring, maintenance, etc.) or disciplinary matters.


Forest School/Nature School

Forest school is an outdoor education model in which students visit natural spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills. It is an inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning typically in a woodland environment.  Nature schools are designed to fully engage children in exploring the natural world while encouraging their sense of wonder. It’s aim is to inspire a deep appreciation for the natural world by providing hands-on experience and opportunities to feel comfortable in the outdoors, developing lifetime skills students take with them wherever they go. Through the ongoing study of natural and cultural history, participants deepen their understanding of the world around them, building a heartfelt relationship with nature and community.


Consent-Based Education (CBE)

CBE enables children to say yes or no to what they participate in, and also to be able to reflect and change their minds. Consent Based Education can only exist in environments that are trust and accountability based as opposed to fear-based, where there is no coercion, reward or punishment system in place, and where choices can be made as freely as possible within a community context. At The World School we endeavour to provide children with the information that they need/ask for in order to be able to make informed choices. CBE places in high regard the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and bodily agency and autonomy of all people, whatever their age or stage, and acknowledges the personal boundaries that accompany that.