The World School

Since 1993

The World School is a new type of school.  We have combined the principles of forest schools, democratic schools, self-directed education, and respectful parenting to create a new type of learning community for traveling families.

The World School started in January 2020, with the intention of creating a community for families who desire an alternative to the traditional schooling experience for their children. The way families are choosing to raise and educate their children is shifting and we are pioneering a new model of education to complement this change. We have been inspired by Peaceful/Respectful Parenting (RIE), Democratic School, Forest School, Waldorf, Sudbury, Reggio-Emilia and worldschooling philosophies. These philosophies direct our staff in how they interact with our students.

With the purpose of inspiring curiosity, our staff aim to facilitate learning based on what is alive for our students in their daily experiences. We are a school that puts children first. Our days are planned based on what our children are interested in exploring, with heavy emphasis on the outdoors. We do not have a specified curriculum or any standardized testing. We allow the students to grow their education through exploration of a variety of cultures, climates, histories and societies. Driven by the process of inquiry, our children and educators build a relationship with the land. This occurs through regular and repeated access to the same natural space over an extended period of time. We view children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them.