Partner Schools and Locations

Are you interested in partnering with The World School?  The World School is looking for partner schools and locations!  Do you have a great local democratic or nature school?  Or do you have a location that would be perfect for a group of traveling families?  Message us at


What kind of locations are you looking for? We are looking for locations that could accommodate at least 12 students and 8 families nearby.  We prefer locations that are near a natural setting that can be used by the school and the students.


What kind of schools are you looking for?  We prefer to work with other free, democratic, forest, or nature schools, but are open to discuss school partnerships on an individual basis.


How does it work?  Each partnership is different, but The World School has sessions from a few weeks to 3-months at a time in different locations around the world.  We bring our families and our teacher(s) and work together with your school or location to determine the best way for us to collaborate.