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The World School wants you to join us!

As a Traveling Family

Now accepting applications for our first cohort!  See the world with your family while providing your children with the community of peers and friends that they need!  


As a Teacher

Do you love kids? Do you love to travel? Are you an experienced Forest School, nature school, or democratic school teacher or facilitator?  Do you relish emergent curriculum and project-based approaches? If so, we are now hiring so please apply!


As a Member School

We are looking for existing schools to partner with as destination schools for our cohorts.  We would coordinate with your school in advance to schedule an entire class of students and teacher at your school for a term or semester.  


As a Volunteer

We are accepting volunteer applications from office management, website, design, teachers assistants and more.  If you have a skill to offer please reach out to us!


Or Join our World.School Network

We are also looking for existing schools to partner with who generally follow our educational philosophies and are open to short-term enrollment by individual students.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us here or at to learn more!